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Intensive soothing Facial Lotion
Spéciale Intensive soothing Facial Lotion
Mild toner
200 ml
From €19.90 *
Intensive soothing eye care
Spéciale Intensive soothing eye care
A superfine care cream for the sensitive eye area
15 ml
€28.00 *
Eye Cleanser Stick
Spéciale Eye Cleanser Stick
The unique make-up removal stick
20 Gramm
€25.50 *
Balancing Vital Night Care
Ayer Base Balancing Vital Night Care
Balancing night cream
50 ml
€28.00 *
Protective Day Cream
Ayer Base Protective Day Cream
Balancing day cream
50 ml
€26.00 *
Vital Eye Cream
Ayer Base Vital Eye Cream
Tender, protective eye cream
15 ml
€21.00 *
Tonivital Mask
AYER BASE Tonivital Mask
Fresh clay mask
50 ml
€25.50 * €20.40 *
Refreshing Lotion
Ayer Base Refreshing Lotion
A rosy fresh toner
200 ml
€19.90 *
Whitening Synergy Serum
Clair de Lune Whitening Synergy Serum
Active agent concentrate with lightening effect
30 ml
€69.00 *
Whitening Cream 24h
Clair de Lune Whitening Cream 24h
Lightening, 24-hour moisturising care to accentuate your complexion
50 ml
€79.00 *
Triple Effect Mask
MASKS Triple Effect Mask
Triple active aromatic cream mask
50 ml
€48.00 *
Intensive Revitalizer
SERUM Intensive Revitalizer
Crystal gel for deep moisturisation
50 ml
€39.90 *
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